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November 5, 2011

It’s That Time of Year Again …

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Once again, it’s that time of year. The one month when any guy has the opportunity to rock a ‘stache, and when the girls can’t do anything about it. That’s right …

It’s Movember.

Since it began in Australia just a few years ago, Movember has become an incredible world-wide phenomenon. The fundraising efforts have earned millions of dollars for men’s health initiatives in dozens of countries; last year in Canada alone, one hundred and nineteen thousand people officially participated in the campaign. And a large part of Movember’s success all over the world is its incredible use of public relations.

Many of those who participate in Movember are young people, so it fits that the campaign is very closely tied to social media. The program’s Youtube videos are popular and facebook and twit pics can easily update followers with progress reports. The official program also has a website similar to facebook, where participants can create a profile and update it with photos and notes detailing their mo progress. The website also has an easy way for supporters to donate directly to a participant they’d like to support. Check out my friend Ryan’s profile for an idea of how easy it is to make a donation through this feature!

The program also plans ‘thank you’ events for participants at the end of the month. Known officially as “Gala Partés”, guys are asked to dress in a way that matches their mo and girls are asked to match the guys. Prizes are awarded throughout the night for a variety of different categories. Although the whole point of Movember is that it’s fun and social already, having a way to thank volunteers is a great way to keep supporters loyal to the program.

Of course, I also can’t imagine a campaign that is easier to advertise and promote than Movember. As one PR website points out, anyone who participates becomes one ofmany “walking, talking billboards for the cause!” Within the first few days of the month, it is impossible to be unaware of Movember on any college or university campus that I’ve ever visited. And really, is there any more effective way to raise awareness of a cause than by literally plastering it all over someone’s face?

Overall, Movember is a fun way to fundraise for a really serious cause. Like their slogan says: Together, we can change the face of men’s health!


**Need some inspiration for your mo? Although Lord Kitchener’s is always a favourite for me, check out Top 10 Celebrity Staches and decide from there!


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