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November 24, 2011

Just how addicted are you?

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My public relations classes are really emphasizing the importance of using social media effectively. It can be an incredible way to promote yourself or your business and get a message across quickly to a huge number of people. Facebook, twitter, foursquare, google+ … the list will do nothing but grow in coming weeks, months and years, I’m sure.

And social media is going beyond just individual people having a profile. It is rare to find an organization, be it a non-profit, a business, or a government agency, without a twitter account and a facebook fan page.

A growing number of jobs are opening up in fields related to social media and communicating online. I’m going to be starting my job hunt soon, as I’m graduating in the spring, and I hope that my experience using social media in the classroom and learning about using it effectively will help me in the hunt. Many guest speakers in my class this year have talked of the importance of understanding the theory and practice of social media.

But is this really a good thing? A number of organizations have run studies to figure out how social media use is changing how we communicate and interact with people in real life. And it looks like a lot of the results aren’t good.

So take a few minutes and find out, from The Oatmeal, just how addicted you are. Then, maybe turn off the computer and have a chat with a friend, or go for a walk, or read a book! You’ll thank me in the long run.


Disclaimer: I have Twitter open in another tab right now, and my constant checking of the updates meant that it took me twice as long to write this as it should have. C’est la vie!


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